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12 May

naukri team

Sometimes when a job opportunity comes up you may not have your CV with you or you may not have access to the internet. So, how do you, then, email your CV to the recruiter? We decided to solve this problem, and the solution is Naukri ExpressCV. Now you don’t need a computer, or internet, or even email to send your CV to a recruiter! All you need is your mobile phone.

How Naukri ExpressCV works

1. Just SMS SENDCVTO emailID(of recipient) to 5607055 from your phone. Example: SENDCVTO Here, is the recipients’ email ID.

2. Your CV will be emailed to the destination address and the recipient would receive the email from your registered email ID

To try out ExpressCV, send your CV to your own email ID, and see how it works!

You can use it when…

1. …you are travelling and a recruiter calls you up your CV. Now, even if you don’t have access to email while travelling, you can use ExpressCV to send your CV.

2. …you receive an email on your phone for a job opportunity, but you do not have your CV stored in your phone memory. With Naukri ExpressCV you can instantly send your CV to the email address of the recruiter.

3. …you check your emails from a cybercaf√© but do not have your current CV stored in that computer at the cybercafe. Now you can send your CV to the recruiter using Naukri ExpressCV

4. …you meet someone at a networking event or a social gathering and he/she asks you for your CV. Just take that persons email ID and SMS SENDCVTO <that persons email address> to 5607055.

5. … you are working on your own PC and receive an email about a job opportunity but are too lazy to type in a reply, search for your updated CV in your PC, attach it to the email, and then respond to the recruiter. You could do it quicker than that – just use ExpressCV!

We hope you will find this service useful. Let us know your feedback.

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1. To use these services your mobile number has to be verified by you on your registered Naukri account. Verify it now.

2. These services are free from, however, your network operator may apply standard VAS rates.

3. SMS services are available across all operators, except MTNL Delhi. Customers of MTNL Delhi mobile connections will be able to use the services of Naukri SMS Tools soon.