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This blog is to highlight the salient features on that help you manage your job search better, and it is also your platform to talk to us. We look forward to your readership and welcome your feedback.

09 Apr

naukri team

Did you know that when you are applying to jobs, you can change your key resume settings on the fly?

When you click the small arrow on the apply button, you get the option for Customized Apply :

For the job(s) that you have selected, Customized Apply allows you to edit key Resume details , like Profile, Resume Headline, Total Experience, CTC and Contact Details. You can also upload a new Resume, and attach / edit a cover letter. So, if you have two profiles with us, and you want to use the other one which is not your active profile, you can do this here, Also, for some jobs, you may want to mention some additional qualifications, a link to the project website or your blog, or anything that you have done that you think will matter for this job, you can add it all in the cover letter :

25 Aug

naukri team

If you are looking for a job, chances are that everyday (behind your bosses & co-worker’s back) you would apply to dozens of jobs. And I assume if you are a rational applicant, you carefully read the job details, see your fitment and then apply. So, the big question is why don’t you receive as many calls from recruiters as the job applications you make? Is expecting half these recruiters to call back too much to ask?

We would like to help you here. Your application may be relevant, you may possess just the skill-set & experience required for the job, and you may have company! But, there may be many co-applicants like you who have applied to the same job, thereby vying for the recruiter’s attention.

Next time you wonder what your chances are, remember to check this out once you apply to a job that meets your criteria.

Once you click on ‘application status’ link, you land on the following page –

For your benefit we may be adding some more criteria to the above table of applicant comparison in future to know your co-applicant better.
You can also find this information in your job apply history.
We feel this information will help you rationalize. Let us know if there is something more we can do to alleviate your anxiety. We’d love to.
07 Aug

naukri team

Your Job Search ends here, as you have found the Jobs that you were looking for. Now, all you need to do is express your candidature for these jobs that have appeared as a result of your search.

Clicking the ‘Apply button’ would send your profile to the recruiter as an Application to the advertised job(s). 

But before hitting the “Apply button” ask yourself the following questions: – 

  • Does my profile match the Job’s Description in terms of the roles & responsibilities that will be assigned to me?
  • Do I have the experience that matches this Job’s Requirement?
  • Am I qualified enough for this Job?
  • Do I need to relocate for this Job, if yes, am I willing to?
  • Does the CTC of the job (If Displayed) meet my expectations?

To answer these questions, one must look at the Job in Detail. Before Applying, click on the Job to open a detailed view of the job which contains all the Job information for that particular Job provided by the recruiter. We strongly recommend you to see the job’s requirements in detail, before you apply. The closer is your profile to this Job’s requirements, the higher the chances of you getting selected by the recruiter.

As a platform between the jobseeker & the recruiter, we aim at providing you with the freshest jobs& the easiest ways to search these jobs. But, after you have applied to the jobs you liked, our role is limited. The decision of who to shortlist rests purely with the recruiter.

So, if you’ve applied to a lot of Jobs, and are not getting any suitable responses, we suggest some tips that will definitely help –


  • Make sure you are applying to the right job, and you have gone through the job in detail.
  • Make sure your contact details (Phone Number and Email) are updated, so that if a recruiter wishes to call you, he does not face any problems. It’s best to verify your Email ID and Phone number.
  • Make sure your resume is up-to-date. Recruiters always ask for updated resumes.

Spare a thought for the above questions. If the answer is “Yes, this Job is for me…” go ahead andApply!

Now all you need is a little bit of patience and luck!

We are always eager to hear from you! Do let us know whether you found this information useful.