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05 Mar

naukri team

Every member of has the flexibility to create multiple profiles. With a single account, you can create multiple profiles with a separate set of details and even a different attached resume. You can choose to have any one of those profiles as ‘Active’ (that is, searchable by recruiters), and you can apply to a particular job with any of those profiles.

For instance, a fresher (or even a recent MBA graduate) might not want to restrict herself/himself to a particular field to start the career in. A fresher is open to all kind of good opportunities and since it’s the beginning of a career, the more the options, the better start a fresher gets.  To apply to different kinds of jobs, the fresher, or the MBA, might want to use different profiles.

This may also be very beneficial for users with experience in multiple backgrounds. A single profile cannot do justice to their expertise and their achievements that span across multiple fields/Industries. By creating multiple profiles they can also select to display/let the recruiters view the most suitable profile.

Creating multiple profiles is very simple. One can follow the steps mentioned below –

Step 1 – Login to you account using your Email id & password

Step 2 – Under the ‘MyNaukri’ tab on the Navigation bar on top, click on ‘Add a New Profile’ and follow the instructions.

Step 3 –Repeat above steps if you want to create more multiple profiles.

Step 4 – Select the one profile you want to make “Active” (searchable by recruiters) out of all the profiles you’ve created. You can still, however, apply to a job using any of these multiple profiles.