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This blog is to highlight the salient features on that help you manage your job search better, and it is also your platform to talk to us. We look forward to your readership and welcome your feedback.

17 Nov

naukri team

A new section on allows you to Browse companies and view all jobs posted by them.

If you already have a list of companies in mind to work for, and would like to be updated on the openings from these companies, ‘Browse by Company’ is a perfect way for you to be able to do this.

Up until now, our users (jobseekers on would enter the company name in the keyword field while searching for jobs. Surely their intent would have been to view jobs from that company only, but since our ‘Quick Search’ does not run on the ‘Company name’ field alone; users are also shown jobs that have that particular keyword in any part of the job description – even if the job was not posted by that particular company. Hence, it was an inefficient way to find jobs from a particular company.

For example if you entered ‘Oracle’ in keyword field to look for job vacancies posted by the company Oracle, you would end up getting even those jobs that have ‘Oracle Application Analyst’ or ‘Oracle Programmer’ or ‘Oracle DBA’ or ‘Oracle D2K’ etc in their Job Description, keywords, or Job Title. These jobs may not have been posted by Oracle, the company.

This new Browse by Company section will now eliminate most, if not all, of these challenges and get you to your target employers faster.

Here is how it works:

Some features that might interest you:

  1. Browse all companies: Find all companies who have posted jobs on, listed under this section. For your benefit, the list has been sorted alphabetically and an alphabets index has also been provided.
  2. Search companies by Name: If you do not wish to go through the company directory, you could simply search by entering the name of the company.
  3. Search companies by Job Location: Wish to work in Delhi and want to know which companies are hiring in Delhi? Search by job location; get the list of companies with jobs in Delhi and then shortlist from there.

This is, by design, a simpler way to find out more about companies and the job openings advertised directly by them.

We make continuous efforts to know and understand your requirements, and the challenges you face while looking for a suitable job. You are welcome to help us help you – by writing in your feedback, comments, concerns and challenges.

13 Nov

naukri team

Naukri Job Alerts is a compilation of the latest jobs that match your profile. The relevance of jobs in Job Alert emails is directly related to the information you enter in your profile. So, to get the best jobs in the Job Alert emails, ensure the following 5 things:

  1. Select the correct Functional Area and Industry that you want a job in. If you don’t find what you exactly want, choose the option that comes closest. Choosing ‘Other’ will reduce your chances of getting relevant jobs.
  2. If you are looking for a job in a particular location, enter that location/city/state in the Preferred Location box in your profile. It is under the ‘Desired Job Details’ section. Only when there are no jobs available from your preferred location(s) will we send you jobs from other locations.
  3. Enter the correct CTC/Salary of your last or current job.
  4. Enter the correct number of your years of experience.
  5. Distinctively mention your areas of expertise, proficiency and strengths in the Keyskills field. The better your key-skills are defined in your profile, the better the jobs in Alerts. Avoid writing long sentences in that field. We suggest you separate your key-skills with commas. Some examples on how to enter key-skills are:

· C, C++, Java, JSP, vb6.0, oracle8i

· Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, FMCG, Channel Management, Account Manager

· Corporate Financials, Cash flow, Budgeting, Fund Management, Team Leader, Statutory Compliance, Internal Control, Financial Strategy Planning

· Operations, Safety procedures, Commissioning, startup/shut down co-ordination activities, Permit to work systems, Environmental Laws

Now, in each Job Alert you may like some jobs more than others. So, to see more of the kind of jobs you like, click on the ‘Similar Jobs’ button next to the job you liked.

All the best! We look forward to your constructive suggestions and feedback on how to improve our Job Alerts further.

05 Nov

naukri team

While you are searching for a job online, one of these three cases will happen: In search result either you get very large number of jobs, or very few, or in an optimum quantity. Not surprisingly everyone wants the search result quantum to be optimum.

Realizing this we decided, for cases where result quantum was very high or very low, to recommend you some keywords that are closely related to the keyword entered by you. You can see these recommendations as ’Related Keywords’ on top of the Search Result Page. These recommendations work especially well for keywords that are either too generic or too specific.

When the results are too many: We know that it irks you when you see too many results. In this case the recommended ’Related Keywords’ will be more specific versions of the keywords entered by you, and clicking the ‘Related Keywords’ will narrow your search and show you more pertinent result.

When the results are too few: With too few results, you assume that we have few or no jobs for you. This may not be true. So, in this case we identify and recommend ‘Related Keywords’ that will produce similar, if not greater, number of results relevant to you.

We hope this feature helps in making your job search easier, more convenient, and more productive. Your feedback on this will be valuable to us, and we look forward to it.

15 Sep

naukri team

Every time you log on to naukri, you enter a specific set of parameters ie, skills, designation, location , experience, functional area, ctc – all or some of these and run the search to find matching jobs. Now, since you would not stop searching till get the job you are looking for and chances are that you would not change your search parameters too often as well.

We thought of simplifying the task for you and so, now once you are logged in, you can access your recent searches and run them at will, without spending time in filling up the search form.

And when you click on recent searches link –

Note : you must be logged in for searching, to ensure we remember your searches.

Enjoy searching with just a click!

12 Sep

naukri team


With changing needs we keep improving your experience when you buy our Resume services online. Till now we were accepting online payments through credit cards only, although you could also post us a Cheque/DD.
This weekend we added another mode of accepting payments- Debit cards and Internet banking. All major banks AXIS/Citibank/HDFC/ICICI/PNB/SBI etc. are being accepted.

So after you select the services of your choice, if you want to pay using your Debit/Net-banking account, simply select the given option:

From here we take you to the secure payment gateway where you can safely transact online. As simple as that! We hope you will find this useful.

11 Sep

naukri team


One often hears complaints on how a company/service provider is not up to the mark when it comes to welcoming feedback. Earlier, in a closed economy of monopolies, companies looked inwards for ideas/suggestions/critical feedback, and did not expect its consumers to be part of the chain.

But not today. Welcome to the concept of “the word of mouse”.

The internet has changed the way information travels and has empowered the users like never before. One click of a mouse can open new avenues for communication. A spark of a new idea or a critical appraisal- the word can be spread with the mouse.

Conscientious companies seek feedback and response on customer experience pro-actively, and use it as valuable input for product enhancements; and Naukri is no different.

We have made efforts to make it easy for you to reach us and that the feedback reaches the relevant person. So when you visit out site next, check out the footer of the site:

Simply click on the link to tell us about any issue you are facing.

You can call us or simply submit a comment/feedback. We promise to revert within 2 business days. This footer runs across entire site for easy access.

If you happen to be a paid subscriber of the Resume services we do the following to welcome your feedback regarding your experience with the services:

1. When we email you the bill/receipt of your payment, we send you a link through which you can stay in touch.

2. You can also find this link when you log into

3. A simple click takes you to the details of your subscription details, with respective links to contact us for any issue/concern.

Any issue received is answered within 2 business days.

4. Once the services are delivered, we do an online survey to ask for critical feedback.

We value our users, paid or otherwise, and want your experience to be good. We are eager to stay in touch and listen to what you have to say. We hope you make the most of these tools!

09 Sep

naukri team

When you buy an 800cc car, the most basic version, if you’re a/c is powerful or if the suspensions are comfortable, you are pleasantly surprised.

Now imagine yourself driving a shiny new SUV that just made you 20 Lac poorer. Suspension & A/c would be the last things on your mind. You would more likely look at the 4-wheel drive cruise-control, ABS features and the elegant leather upholstery.

Ok, the point I am trying to make is, with a superior product the basics are ignored as they are presumed to be present and expected to be better than ordinary.

With Naukri, finding the best, most recent, and most relevant jobs is the basic 800cc model. What becomes your leather upholstery is, when without asking you we delight you with what you have been looking for.
So without trying to sound magnanimous, we would like to appreciate the efforts/work of our Product manager. Product Manager team’s challenge was to improve the user experience while searching for jobs on

So after you have spent some time on our site, finding & applying for jobs, the logic built by Product Manager is smart to know your preferences and basis which it intelligently but discreetly suggests you “Naukri recommends”!

So when you log-into your account you see our recommendation:

And again after you apply to jobs and land on to apply confirmation page:

Our idea was to learn from your preferences and prompt you, without disturbing you.

Would you like to share your feedback with Product Manager? Write to him, he’ll be eagerly waiting.

26 Aug

naukri team

It might be a little late in the day that I am writing about this, but the dust of the appraisal onslaught has just about settled in some places. Most companies have awarded their employees, but I know for sure that some companies are just about finishing the appraisal cycle.

This is an especially interesting subject, because it has many facets. One would wonder, what feelings does an employee approach the appraisal with;

  • A feedback on his/her performance
  • An appreciation of his/her work
  • An outlet/platform/ occasion/forum for discussing her feelings/concerns


And the more obvious ones; 

  • A salary hike
  • A designation raise
  • Enhancement of role/ larger team sizes/ more territory to cover….


And the not-so-obvious ones;

  • A reality check? Am I appreciated enough? Does anyone know if I’m dead or alive? Is it time for me to move on??

You would like to know the reasons people look for a change….Our respondents cited;

Now, before you start thinking how skewed the survey data is, let me tell you, our respondents were people having over 3 years of experience, but from all over India covering all industries/job roles/qualifications.

As a user, I’m sure we’ll see a few heads nodding…but there is an interesting takeaway for an HR Manager? ….

Salary has only marginally outshone a better designation… Translated this means, you keep sure keep a person feel secure with a commensurate salary, but employees feel this is basic hygiene which needs to be met, but if you want to keep me motivated, give me challenges, show me a way ahead, empower me…..

And how does a jobsite reflect on this scenario?
During the appraisal season (like the monsoon right!) Mar-Apr, naukri saw the jobseeker traffic on the site rise by 40%… Everyone was busy closing their FY on the best notes, but there were these unsatisfied lot who had lost hopes with their current job!

Once the dust settles, you receive your revised pay package; a shiny designation is when the wheels churn? And what happens to the jobsite then?

Interestingly, another 40% more jobseekers are back on the site, searching for a job that will give them the satisfaction their present job misses. So as compared to Feb traffic, it has increased by 80% in May-Jun.

Does that ring a bell somewhere???

25 Aug

naukri team

If you are looking for a job, chances are that everyday (behind your bosses & co-worker’s back) you would apply to dozens of jobs. And I assume if you are a rational applicant, you carefully read the job details, see your fitment and then apply. So, the big question is why don’t you receive as many calls from recruiters as the job applications you make? Is expecting half these recruiters to call back too much to ask?

We would like to help you here. Your application may be relevant, you may possess just the skill-set & experience required for the job, and you may have company! But, there may be many co-applicants like you who have applied to the same job, thereby vying for the recruiter’s attention.

Next time you wonder what your chances are, remember to check this out once you apply to a job that meets your criteria.

Once you click on ‘application status’ link, you land on the following page –

For your benefit we may be adding some more criteria to the above table of applicant comparison in future to know your co-applicant better.
You can also find this information in your job apply history.
We feel this information will help you rationalize. Let us know if there is something more we can do to alleviate your anxiety. We’d love to.
21 Aug

naukri team

Everyone loves numbers/data/MIS….Isn’t that what we check each morning when we reach office? How many mails have I received? How many meetings are scheduled for today? What all reports do I need to submit by this week-end…..the list for numbers and data is endless.

So we thought you’d be eager to know how many and which consultants/recruiters have seen your CV on today….
or for the entire one month

You can just get in here once you are logged in to see a message Resume Views by Recruiters: 57 times View Details. All the recruiters/consultants who have viewed your resume may or may not contact you for the simple reason of cut throat competition. May be you are the most suitable candidate for the vacancy, but someone is even more than you. May be you have all the potential to turnaround the business, but someone else was destined for it. But not an issue, this is not the last train, and stations are many. Just be active, keep logging in, updating profile, searching for job and applying the most relevant job to you, all with more alacrity.

Besides being just numbers, what it can also tell you is, whether your resume is described/formatted/filled-in in a manner that it catches attention.

Tell us if you found this helpful.