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17 Sep

Naukri goes Mobile – Complete Mobility Solutions for your next career move

naukri team

If you look at the last couple of years, mobile phones/SMS have changed the way you connect with friends, family and work. So, then, could mobile phones also change the way you manage your next career move? That’s the question the Naukri team set out to answer, and in the process created a suite of mobile/SMS based solutions for you.

There are four major activities you engage in when planning the next career move – search for jobs, apply to jobs, send resume to potential employers, and fourth, maintain a professional profile/resume that is up-to-date with your recent achievements at work.

Until ten years ago people did all this by reading through job ads in newspapers, preparing hard copy resumes on typewriters, sending them by post, and they updated their resumes only just before changing jobs. Then, the Internet and Email revolutionized all that – you could edit your resume in a jiffy on your personal computer, search for jobs on job portals, apply to them online, and also email your resume to anyone whenever required. That’s great, but there is only one little problem with that – you need frequent access to a computer, internet and email to do all that.

Our lives are now faster, we are busier, and we may not always be next to a computer. That is why has now launched a suite of Mobility Solutions. By bringing the power of internet job search to your mobile phone, now ensures that you never miss out on any job opportunity.

We didn’t want to just bring the website to the small screen of mobile phones. We wanted you to be able to conduct all the four major activities – get jobs, apply to them, email your resume, and update your profile – from your mobile phone, even if the mobile phone does not have a GPRS/internet connection.

So, for members of who have a GPRS connection, we have introduced the WAP site at For members who do not have a GPRS/internet connection in their phones, we have the SMS Tools – JobsOnSMS to get jobs matching your profile, SMS Apply to apply to jobs, ExpressCV to email your resume, and CVNotes for micro-updates to your profile. (These services are free from

To learn more about each of these services, click on the links below. You will be amazed by what your phone can do for your next career move. on Mobile


SMS Apply



Visit Naukri Mobile Home

We always look forward to providing you with better solutions. If you have any ideas, comments or recommendations, let us know.

1. To use these services your mobile number has to be verified by you on your registered Naukri account. Verify it now.

2. These services are free from, however, your network operator may apply standard VAS rates (approx Rs 3 per SMS).

3. SMS services are available across all operators, except MTNL Delhi. Customers of MTNL Delhi mobile connections will be able to use the services of Naukri SMS Tools soon.