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23 May

Naukri CareerNavigator – All you want to know

naukri team

‘Naukri CareerNavigator’ is the new revamped Salary tool of for job-seekers. Naukri CareerNavigator aims to assist job-seekers in making an informed career decision by providing relevant and contextual information about a particular company and Industry.  It enables job-seekers to compare different companies and industries and make the right career choice.

Some questions you might have about Naukri CareerNavigator:

1. What is the source for Salary and other information which is displayed on the ‘Naukri CareerNavigator’?

The salary and other information which is displayed on ‘Naukri CareerNavigator’ are aggregate trends derived from the job-seeker profiles stored on

Please note that only aggregated information (if enough data points are available) is displayed. No individual salaries are ever disclosed on Naukri CareerNavigator, neither can they be traced back to a profile. Also, profiles which have inconsistent information are ignored while aggregating the information.

The salary information has not been validated by the companies or the industry bodies or by Naukri.

2. Are the Salaries which are displayed the latest Salaries?

Yes. ‘Naukri CareerNavigator’ only uses the salary information from profiles which have been updated within a year.

3. How are the minimum, maximum and average Salaries calculated?

The average salary displayed for a role is the median of all the Salaries available for that role.  The minimum is the 25th percentile of the Salaries, and the maximum is the 75th percentile.

The minimum and maximum are defined like this to weed out the outliers and potentially incorrect data provided by some job-seekers.

4. What components of the compensation are included or excluded in the Salaries displayed?

Naukri CareerNavigator uses the current CTC (Cost to company) mentioned by job-seekers in their profile. However job-seekers may have chosen to include or exclude bonuses and other perks while mentioning this information.

The discrepancies will be more pronounced when we have only a small number of data points for the given role. However the aggregate information presented will be closer to reality when we have a very high number of data points for the given role.

5. Why is my company not included on Naukri CareerNavigator?

Naukri CareerNavigator uses the current annual CTC (Cost to company) mentioned by job-seekers in their profile. If we do not have sufficient number of job-seekers to anonymize the data for a given role in a particular company, that company or that role is not included.

6. Why are the Salaries shown by Roles and not by designations or the job title in my company?

Designations or Job title differ widely from organization to organization. Employees with similar responsibility may have very different sounding job titles in different companies. Or similar sounding job titles may have very different role and responsibilities.

Job Roles on Naukri on the other hand are based on well-defined hierarchies of profiles within functions/departments. The terms used for roles are from common parlance of recruiters who oversee employee movement between various companies.

So by using a standardized classification like Roles, it becomes easier to let job-seeker compare Salary trends across companies and industries.

7. Why am I being asked to register or login?

o For Job-seekers Only: The Salary trends and other information on Naukri CareerNavigator are for the benefit of job-seekers on Naukri to help them make an informed career decision. By logging in with your Naukri job-seeker account you help us identify that you are indeed the right audience.

o Help others: Naukri CareerNavigator extracts trends from profile data of job-seekers like you. By registering with Naukri and providing your up to date information you will also help a fellow job-seeker who will benefit from the information you provide.

o Relevant and Contextual information: There are sections on the Naukri CareerNavigator which we can customize to present the data in a more relevant and contextual form for individual job-seeker.

8. Can my employer trace whether a Salary being displayed is submitted by me?

No information on Naukri CareerNavigator is derived from a single job-seeker’s data; neither can it be traced back to a profile by anyone. If we do not have sufficient number of job-seekers to anonymize the data for a given role in a particular company, that company or that role is not included.

So for e.g. If you are the only employee at the position of ‘Vice President, Sales’ in your company, even if you register on Naukri, salaries for ‘VP, Sales’ role in your company will not be displayed on Naukri CareerNavigator. So your employer cannot deduce that a ‘VP Sales’ from his company i.e. you has registered on Naukri.

9. Why is Naukri CareerNavigator not showing salaries for all roles and all companies?

Naukri CareerNavigator shows salary information for most of the popular roles for a particular company.  If we do not have sufficient number of job-seekers to anonymize the data for a given role in a particular company, that company or that role is not included.

For any other concerns or feedback regarding Naukri CareerNavigator write to us at

Naukri Team

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Some questions you might have as an EmployerRecruiter

10. What is the benefit that my company gets from ‘Naukri CareerNavigator’?

a. Your company page on Naukri – CareerNavigator serves as yet another address for your company on the web. Besides other information, Naukri displays job opportunities available within the company. So, a job-seeker interested in your company can find and apply to relevant jobs in your company from here.

b. Presence on CareerNavigator – CareerNavigator is a testimony to the size and impact of your company in India’s job market. There are pages for almost all big companies in various sectors on Naukri CareerNavigator.

c. Enable an interested job-seeker in your company – A job-seeker coming via ‘Naukri CareerNavigator’ has researched about your organization as well as the IndustrySector trends. So the applicant you as a company are getting is a more informed, has realistic expectations and is really interested in your organization.

d. Many websites have been disclosing the individual salaries in companies for quite some time now. The information provided by Naukri will hopefully be more authentic as it is based on a vastly superior database. Also Naukri is only disclosing the trends and not the actual Salaries by providing only the aggregate information.

11. How can I use Naukri CareerNavigator for my company’s advantage?

o Post jobs: The jobs you post on Naukri will be displayed on your company pages and role pages based on relevance. More job-seekers will see your jobs and you get more applications and from the right candidates.

o Social feeds: We can also show feeds from your company’s social media sites (facebook and twitter) on your company page on CareerNavigator. Contact your account manager with your facebook page address and twitter handle to get these updated.

12. Why salaries for some of the roles for my company seem different from actual salaries?

Naukri CareerNavigator aims to provide authentic information. However, the deviations from the actual salary information in company are bound to happen because of multiple reasons including but not limited to:

o Only a fraction of job-seekers from an organization will be on Naukri, so data reflects salary trends for that representative sample only.

o Naukri CareerNavigator presents the salary information as per the role selected by Job-seekers. The perception of what role maps to what designation may vary. It is also possible that job-seekers have chosen to select a different role than what they are currently in or what they are aspiring for.

o Job-seekers may choose to include or exclude certain components of their compensation when mentioning CTC

o The information can be up to an year old