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09 Sep

May we offer a suggestion, but discreetly…

naukri team

When you buy an 800cc car, the most basic version, if you’re a/c is powerful or if the suspensions are comfortable, you are pleasantly surprised.

Now imagine yourself driving a shiny new SUV that just made you 20 Lac poorer. Suspension & A/c would be the last things on your mind. You would more likely look at the 4-wheel drive cruise-control, ABS features and the elegant leather upholstery.

Ok, the point I am trying to make is, with a superior product the basics are ignored as they are presumed to be present and expected to be better than ordinary.

With Naukri, finding the best, most recent, and most relevant jobs is the basic 800cc model. What becomes your leather upholstery is, when without asking you we delight you with what you have been looking for.
So without trying to sound magnanimous, we would like to appreciate the efforts/work of our Product manager. Product Manager team’s challenge was to improve the user experience while searching for jobs on

So after you have spent some time on our site, finding & applying for jobs, the logic built by Product Manager is smart to know your preferences and basis which it intelligently but discreetly suggests you “Naukri recommends”!

So when you log-into your account you see our recommendation:

And again after you apply to jobs and land on to apply confirmation page:

Our idea was to learn from your preferences and prompt you, without disturbing you.

Would you like to share your feedback with Product Manager? Write to him, he’ll be eagerly waiting.