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This blog is to highlight the salient features on that help you manage your job search better, and it is also your platform to talk to us. We look forward to your readership and welcome your feedback.

17 Jun

naukri team

Let us begin with asking you a simple question. Why do you think we ask for your mobile number?

As you would have guessed, we ask for it so that recruiters can contact you for matching job opportunities.

Some of us forget this simple thing and knowingly or unknowingly, provide our incorrect contact details. Due to this, when a recruiter dials the number mentioned in your profile, she is unable to do so & the opportunity is lost.

We at try our best to communicate to you the importance of verified email id & mobile number. We are sure that those of you who listened, have benefited from it.

Taking this forward, we have now introduced another new feature – Duplicate Number Alert. From now on, when any user enters a mobile number matching the mobile number of an existing registered user, a Duplicate Number Alert email will be sent prompting the users to verify their mobile numbers.

The idea is simple. Only the one who owns the number should be able to display it to the recruiters. So if you get any such email, just verify your mobile number ownership by following a few simple steps.

[Note: We do not ask for your username or password in an email. Only enter your usernamepassword on a webpage when the addressURL bar has a address in it]

Wondering why would someone enter someone else’s number? Here are a few reasons why:

1. You changed your mobile number and forgot to update your profile:-
The new user to whom the mobile operator assigned the new number updated that in her profile.
In such a case, on successful mobile number verification, the old number will be removed from your profile as the ownership has changed

2. You unknowingly entered a wrong number:-
We all are prone to making typo errors. All you need to do is update your profile with your correct mobile number if you get such an alert.

3. You don’t want to share your mobile number with and entered a random number matching someone else’s mobile number:-
That’s not good. You should always provide your own contact number otherwise the recruiters will not be able to contact you.

Let’s all make sure we keep our contact info updated in our profiles. One call can make all the difference to your Career.

Wish you all the best for your jobsearch! Product Team

31 Jul

naukri team

If you are not yet registered with us, this blog post is for you! You get the following benefits as our registered member

1. Access to unadvertised jobs – is widely used by recruiters and head hunters to meet their hiring needs. As you might know, not every job opportunity is posted on the internet publicly. In fact, many of the best opportunities are never posted on any job board or newspaper. For these unadvertised and niche jobs recruiters personally get in touch with jobseekers. So, if you are a registered jobseeker on, you are likely to be contacted by recruiters personally for thousands of such unadvertised job opportunities!

2. Convenience to apply to jobs in one click – As an unregistered jobseeker, you have to fill a form every time you apply for a job. But as a registered member you enjoy a seamless, one-click-Apply experience.

3. The best jobs delivered in your Mailbox – As a registered member you will receive the best matching jobs considering your current work profile, preferred locations and future aspirations. But before we can do so, please tell us more about your career preferences.

4. Apply to jobs from your mobile– Now you don’t have to be connected to your laptop to apply for the job you always wanted. Our mobile site lets registered members apply to jobs from their mobile phone or handheld device – anywhere, anytime!

We would like to welcome you on board. Create your account, by completing our registration form

If you have any other questions / concerns regarding our registration process, please drop us a comment. You might also visit our other blog posts by clicking either on the Naukri Blogs logo on the top or by Categories on the right side of this page

Wishing you success in your career.

With Best Regards, Team

11 May

naukri team

Now you can join a professional community befitting your domain area and skillset on site. Discover and interact with over 2 lakh professionals across industries and functional areas, strengthen your industry knowledge by regularly reading our content. Get access to hand picked content sourced from top of the line publications-Harvard Business, MIT Review and NYT.

Career growth is not just about acquisition of skills. As you go along, professional networking beyond your immediate circles could be a key to success. Through, synch up with more professionals like you who have found a foothold in the industry and are creating value in various ways. Learn from their experiences, pick up career growth tips and even guide a few junior professionals along the way. You could browse and choose from over 100 professional communities (

You could browse our content section and read up on the latest happenings OR go to a brijj group and browse through domain specific content on the home page. Keeping abreast with latest developments in your industry will help in your career progression. Find out more about what all you can do on by clicking . is a professional networking and career site from the house of, which lets you create a powerful professional networking profile. Here, on you can look up premium and relevant jobs that have been carefully selected keeping in mind, your professional background and information requirements. also offers through its premium content partners such as Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MIT Review, Global Business Perspective, content that is not otherwise available for free on the Internet for its own members.

If you are not a member, you could <register> either directly on the site or <via facebook>. You could engage with your community by asking questions, sharing updates and knowledge gained by you, reading the many articles being provided exclusively for you and commenting on them. If you are not yet registered on, but are a member of, then a quick, one-click process from here enables your membership with Brijj. Yes, it’s that easy!

Remember, it is a simple three step process:

1 – Login to your account and connect with peers in your community

2 – Ask questions, share knowledge, read and comment on articles on

3 – Finally, check out the handpicked jobs and apply to them in a one click process

Now, you can also be reached by recruiters through You can also share any vacancies that are there in your own team and do quick hires from your or any other community.  You can get started right away! Simply login to your MyNaukri Account and click on <register> in case you’re not already a registered member on brijj OR <browse communities> if you’re not already a group member.

We wish you good luck in your job search and professional growth and look forward to your comments and feedback.

09 Apr

naukri team

Did you know that when you are applying to jobs, you can change your key resume settings on the fly?

When you click the small arrow on the apply button, you get the option for Customized Apply :

For the job(s) that you have selected, Customized Apply allows you to edit key Resume details , like Profile, Resume Headline, Total Experience, CTC and Contact Details. You can also upload a new Resume, and attach / edit a cover letter. So, if you have two profiles with us, and you want to use the other one which is not your active profile, you can do this here, Also, for some jobs, you may want to mention some additional qualifications, a link to the project website or your blog, or anything that you have done that you think will matter for this job, you can add it all in the cover letter :

12 Aug

naukri team

1. Write a compelling Resume Headline: Your Resume Headline needs to be interesting, and has to reflect your experience and skills to catch the attention of  a recruiter. The more precise it is, the more chances of it getting noticed by recruiters. For example, writing “Experienced in software industry” is too generic, but “3 years experience in Java/J2EE” highlights your experience and your skill-set precisely.  Similarly, ‘Executive in chemical industry” is too broad and doesn’t really highlight your  designation or level of experience; whereas, “Senior manager-Operations, with 7 years in the chemical and polymer industry” does.

2. Enter the right keyskills: The keyskills you enter in your Naukri Profile need to reflect your  professional strengths. What is the best way to figure that out? Here is a tip: Fill the blanks in the following statements: I am proficient in ______; I have developed expertise in ______; I have done projects in the field of _____; I have a certification in ______; I have a sound knowledge of _____.  Whatever you write in these blanks are your ‘keyskills’. Write your Technical skills, soft skills, and tools and softwares that you know well.

3. Update your profile regularly: Make sure you update your profile at least once in 6 months. 6 months is a long time and most people add new skills, take up new responsibilities, or complete new projects in that much time – and that information should be reflected in your resume.  Moreover, your total years of experience changes in 6 months and needs to  be updated. Every week lakhs of jobseekers update their Naukri profile with their recent professional accomplishments – so if your resume is outdated by more than 6 months you may be losing out on those new job opportunities.

4. Fill in relevant fields in your profile: Recruiters search candidates based on various parameters of candidates: such as Functional Area, Education, Current Salary, Keywords, Skills, Designation, Company name etc. This means there are multiple ways in which your Resume can show up in front of a recruiter. So the more information you enter in your profile the more the chances that your resume shows up. Make sure your profile completeness bar displayed in the My Naukri Home page is close to 100%

5. Verify your contact details: Recruiters hesitate to contact candidates with unverified contact details. When an employer sees that your mobile number and e-mail id are verified, he/she is more likely to contact you for new job opportunities.