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This blog is to highlight the salient features on that help you manage your job search better, and it is also your platform to talk to us. We look forward to your readership and welcome your feedback.

26 Dec

naukri team
Stay on top of your job search with

On top of your job search

In our last article we talked about ways through which you could improve your online profile. Continuing with same quest we are back with few more handy tips to help ‘set the ball rolling’ for you.

Use your summary section to ‘Sell yourself’

The summary section of your resume should pack a punch to be the most effective as it highlights your most important accomplishments, talents, and qualities. It should contain the best about how and why you should qualify for the job. Almost all employers focus on this section so this is your area to ‘show your stuff’. So, write positive statements that exemplify your unique abilities and practice using descriptive words. Start with a brief phrase that best describes your profession. Next, make a few more crisp statements showing the full extent of your skill-sets, diversity in your experience and achievements worth noting. Avoid using general words like “good” and “competent”. Describe how you possess great attributes and how you have done your job well.

Verify your number and make yourself easy to contact

It might seem the most obvious thing to do but not everyone does it! Make sure you verify your contact details to increase your chances of getting shortlisted. This adds credibility to your application and adds value to your profile. Including all your contact details on every single page of your CV can also prove to be one of the smarter things that you can do. You never know if your CV might split up or a page can go missing. So its best recommended that you include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to add value to your application.

No more of missed opportunities

Fortune favors the prepared mind and this is particularly true when it comes to the job market. ‘Be Prepared’ isn’t just a great career advice but it has multiple pay offs too. You never know when a great career opportunity knocks your door or a recruiter calls you with your dream job. So keeping your profile regularly updated is the best way to make sure that you’re ready for whatever comes your way! Highlight your achievements which brighten your career and ensure that you stay on top of the search results.

Include preferred location

A lot of companies these days have offices in multiple locations and are looking for candidates willing to work in a particular city or place. An increasing number of recruiters are also searching candidates on the basis of location. So make sure that you mention cities that you prefer working in. This will not only ensure that you get shortlisted for any suitable opportunity in that city but will also amplify your scope of attracting local employers.

If you implement these handy tips, it will not only ensure that your profile gets noticed and followed up but will also make sure that your phone never stops ringing!

20 Dec

naukri team

Over a period of time we have observed that many users want to contact recruiters without registering on Naukri. They gather recruiter contact details from the Job Details page (if displayed) and then send an email.

We are now enabling you to also contact recruiters who have chosen not to display their contact details. With this feature the jobseeker will be able to contact recruiters directly from the job details page without logging in or registering on You can access this feature after clicking View Contact Details button on the Job Details page –

The form also allows attachment, making it easier to send resume along with query.

However, to ensure recruiters can contact you after receiving the query, you will need to verify your email.  In summary, following steps are involved when you send a query for a job –

  1. Click on View Contact Details button on a job page.
  2. Click on Send Query link on the Contact Details box.
  3. Enter the email, query and attach a document if you want.
  4. Users who are not logged into will need to verify the email. This is required only once. If you are logged in or have already verified your email, verification is not needed.
  5. Query is delivered on verification.

Your query will expire if you do not verify your email id within 72 hours after query is raised.

We hope you find this feature useful. Please share your feedback with us below in comments.

Posted by Paresh Dhake, Product Manager,

04 Dec

naukri team
Stay ahead of the pack!

Stay ahead of the pack!

Your profile page on Naukri is your opportunity to sell yourself! It is this page that employers see after which they hopefully shortlist you for a job. Oftentimes you sign up with us and then sit back – waiting patiently for a deluge of jobs to appear in your mailbox. But soon you realize the startling reality that you need to do a little bit more than just fill in a few fields and wait, if you are seriously interested in landing a job. Searching for a job on Naukri is one of the easiest, most suitable and no cost way of going about a job search. Here are few tips to craft an outstanding profile that would get the conversion rates rolling for you!

An attention grabbing headline
Well to start with, headlines in general provoke reactions, even a subconscious one. How you present yourself starts with your first words. So, the idea is to write a single sentence headline about yourself that is so captivating or creative that it breaks through the clutter and gets read. So, how do you write a one sentence headline and make every word count? Well, the perfect sentence should have a correlation to the job you are applying for, a skill you have established before and how you would use that skill for them.

Strong Keywords/ Buzzwords
It’s a known fact that recruiters and databases search for profiles using keywords. And there is a huge chance that yours won’t be included in the search results if it’s not embedded with the right keywords that suit your needs. So, select and use the right buzzwords to grab attention. Example, if you are into content writing then selecting keywords like edit, CMS should be perfect or if you are into IT then keywords like SAP, C++, and Oracle should be used and could be instant eye catchers. Basically, the idea is to weave in the right functional skills, designation, relevant qualifications and number of years of experience which are all strong keywords.

Completing your Profile is worth it
Most jobseekers complete only 40% of their profile the first time they log in as they are in a rush to complete it. But it is highly recommended that you invest time and complete your profile 100% at the earliest possible. Your online profile is where employers read about your education, certifications, skill sets, and the brands that you’re associated with and how many people have liked your work. And all this information definitely matters to people who are thinking of getting you on board.

Do you have some specific tips to share with us that have worked for you? Please drop us a comment

Stay tuned for the next part of this series

08 Oct

naukri team

First and foremost, it is important to understand that Naukri Job Alerts are customized to your profile and the resume as provided by you to us. Every jobseeker gets a unique set of matching jobs. The matching is based on text of your CV as well as the Functional Area/Department, Role and Industry that you have selected. Each of these parameters along with your salary, experience and preferred location are used to find matching jobs for you. Before we dive into details of the Job Alerts, here are a few points to remember:

1. Not all jobs are sent in Job Alerts – Only jobs posted in last 2-3 days are used to match against the profile and sent in the email. However, a link at the bottom of the job alert mailer lands you on recommended jobs page which shows all jobs on that day that match your profile.

2. Only one Profile you shared with us is used – In case you have created multiple profiles with Naukri, only the last profile that you have shared with us is used to send the matching jobs. If you have added new skills, moved higher in your organization, got a salary increase or changed your job, you should incorporate these changes into your Naukri profile to receive better matching Job Alerts

3. Selecting Functional Area and Role as “Others” may hurt relevance of the Job Alert – If you select your Functional Area or Role as “Others”, Naukri does not precisely know what your department is. We understand organizations do create custom designations that are specific or unique to them. Therefore, it is best to select the closest matching Functional Area or Role, instead of selecting “Others”. Please note this will not limit the jobs you receive to the role that you have selected, since Naukri also sends jobs in similar roles, not just the role that you selected.

Naukri job alerts are computed using a matching logic which takes into consideration your skills as specified in the CV, and those mentioned in the Key Skills, Designation or Resume Headline fields in Naukri profile. A combination of these variables is then used to send job alerts.

If you find jobs are not relevant to you, we suggest the following –

1. Ensure your profile is kept updated

2. Add your current professional skills in Key Skills field in Naukri Profile – If you have mentioned key skills in just your CV and but not in this Naukri Profile field, you may miss jobs that match your current skills. Since not all skills that you might have acquired during your professional life are equally important for your next career move; jobs you receive do take into account the current key skills field. You can edit your key skills by logging into your Naukri Account and then following My Naukri Home –> View & Update –> Profile Snapshot –> Key Skills

3. Remove skills that are not relevant or you don’t intend to seek jobs for, from Key Skills field – You may want to show case all skills to recruiters, however, do that only in your CV. Removing these skills from Key Skills field in Naukri Profile will reduce jobs which require this skill. Same is also true for Resume Headline and Designation fields of your Naukri Profile.

4. Specify your Preferred Location – We realize that the location of a company is an important factor while evaluating job opportunities. Hence your job alerts are classified into parts – jobs matching only your preferred locations and jobs matching other locations. You can specify your preferred location by logging into your Naukri Account and then following My Naukri Home –> View & Update –> Profile Snapshot –> Preferred Location

5. Add a descriptive Designation in Naukri Profile – If your designation in Naukri profile is “Senior Manager” and you are working in the accounts department, change the designation to “Senior Manager – Accounts”. An indicator to department/ role what you are currently working in, helps.

6. Remove descriptions that may cause confusion from your Designation– If you are working in a Bank and serving clients as “Senior Relationship Banker- Agriculture and Food Industry”, consider if you really want a job only in that Industry. If your skills are broad based and not just limited to this Industry, consider using a different designation like “Senior Relationship Banker – Corporate Division”.

It is important to know that as a Naukri registered member, you have control on the kind of jobs you receive. If you don’t find job alerts relevant, you can create a personalized job alert for yourself. Just fill up a simple form, mention your skills, experience, salary, location etc and subscribe to jobs in that specific area. Power to you.

Wishing you great success in your career.

With Best Regards, Team

25 Jan

naukri team

In our constant endeavour to make Job search accessible to you wherever you are and in all possible modes Naukri has launched new Blackberry application. Naukri on BlackBerry combines the power of the trusted Naukri brand with utility of the BlackBerry device.

This application consists of different modules

Search – Now you can search the most relevant jobs available on Naukri

Recommended Jobs – Our smart engine recommends jobs basis your profile with us and your Apply history

Profile – now you can update your professional profile within minutes- smart way of utilising your free time

Job Alerts – you can set job alerts and we will integrate these alerts with your BB device to deliver matching jobs directly in your messages inbox

Job seeker services – Now boost your chances of landing up that dream job through customised packages that help in your Job hunt.

You can download the application here. Naukri for BlackBerry is live and works on all Blackberry devices with software versions of 4.3.0 or higher.

We would love to hear from you about your feedback/comments on this initiative.

27 Aug

naukri team

We have re-worked the communication settings options in order to give you more control on what messages and communication you receive after registering on Not just that – you can also control what messages you want to receive on e-Mail, and what you want to receive on SMS.

Listed below are the different categories of messages that you may receive in your e-Mail and Mobile.

Job Alerts

Jobs Alerts are sent to you 3 days a week. The jobs sent depend on the information mentioned by you, and they continuously keep you in touch with the opportunities available to you. We keep improving the matching system and it would pay well to continue to receive free job alerts

Important notifications from

Once you register on, we help you build your profile better so that you get the best results from Notifications on missing information in profile, tips on profile building, new useful features, and timely reminders to update your profile are some such notifications. It will be in your interest to receive and act on these.

Contacts from Recruiters

Recruiters are continuously searching for talent on and try and reach out to as many relevant candidates for job openings available with them. They have various modes available to send out a contact to jobseekers such as targeted and customized e-mails, SMS and automated voice alerts.

Resume Services also offers you professional services on resume writing, flashing your resume to consultants etc. You can specify if you wish to receive calls/sms or e-mails regarding these services, benefits and discounts.

Promotions and Special Offers

We have external partners/vendors who offer special discounts on their products and services to our users. At times partner sites may also send out promotional e-mails to keep you updated. These e-mails are sent to users who are considered the target segment for that particular information/offer.

Please be assured, not disclose your account details or information to any 3rd party.

Click here to review your current communication settings on

09 Aug

naukri team

Now that you know about benefits of creating multiple profiles & most probably already have created one, we give you another important feature to utilize your multiple profiles.

If you have more than one profile, when you apply to a job, you will be given an option to select the profile with which you want to apply to that particular job. So how does it help?

Since all your profiles would (& ideally should) highlight your specific skill sets and professional background, not every profile is suitable for every kind of job. Different jobs require you to position yourself differently sometimes. That is when recruiters would get to see your details which fit in the job requirements the most, and this increases your chances of getting shortlisted. Simply select the right profile for every job you apply to, from the Profile Selection Page.

If, however, you do not wish select a different profile on every apply, this feature can be turned off from the “My Naukri” page below “My Profiles”.

Below are some screenshots for your reference-

17 Sep

naukri team

If you look at the last couple of years, mobile phones/SMS have changed the way you connect with friends, family and work. So, then, could mobile phones also change the way you manage your next career move? That’s the question the Naukri team set out to answer, and in the process created a suite of mobile/SMS based solutions for you.

There are four major activities you engage in when planning the next career move – search for jobs, apply to jobs, send resume to potential employers, and fourth, maintain a professional profile/resume that is up-to-date with your recent achievements at work.

Until ten years ago people did all this by reading through job ads in newspapers, preparing hard copy resumes on typewriters, sending them by post, and they updated their resumes only just before changing jobs. Then, the Internet and Email revolutionized all that – you could edit your resume in a jiffy on your personal computer, search for jobs on job portals, apply to them online, and also email your resume to anyone whenever required. That’s great, but there is only one little problem with that – you need frequent access to a computer, internet and email to do all that.

Our lives are now faster, we are busier, and we may not always be next to a computer. That is why has now launched a suite of Mobility Solutions. By bringing the power of internet job search to your mobile phone, now ensures that you never miss out on any job opportunity.

We didn’t want to just bring the website to the small screen of mobile phones. We wanted you to be able to conduct all the four major activities – get jobs, apply to them, email your resume, and update your profile – from your mobile phone, even if the mobile phone does not have a GPRS/internet connection.

So, for members of who have a GPRS connection, we have introduced the WAP site at For members who do not have a GPRS/internet connection in their phones, we have the SMS Tools – JobsOnSMS to get jobs matching your profile, SMS Apply to apply to jobs, ExpressCV to email your resume, and CVNotes for micro-updates to your profile. (These services are free from

To learn more about each of these services, click on the links below. You will be amazed by what your phone can do for your next career move. on Mobile


SMS Apply



Visit Naukri Mobile Home

We always look forward to providing you with better solutions. If you have any ideas, comments or recommendations, let us know.

1. To use these services your mobile number has to be verified by you on your registered Naukri account. Verify it now.

2. These services are free from, however, your network operator may apply standard VAS rates (approx Rs 3 per SMS).

3. SMS services are available across all operators, except MTNL Delhi. Customers of MTNL Delhi mobile connections will be able to use the services of Naukri SMS Tools soon.

15 Aug

naukri team

Searching for jobs on SMS has been around for quite some time – You to type in keywords on your mobile, send that SMS, and then receive jobs in return. But there is a problem with that – how many preferences of location, experience, keyskills, industry, functional area, and salary can you enter in your mobile phone as keywords? You can’t, and therefore the jobs you get on your phone may not be match too well with what you want.

We decided to address this challenge, and created targeted JobsOnSMS for you. With Naukri JobsOnSMS you don’t get just any job, but only a job that matches your detailed profile and preferences already mentioned in your profile.This is a free service from

Every day we set aside jobs for you that match your Functional Area, Industry, Location, Salary, Experience, and Education. All you have to do to get these matching jobs is SMS JOB to 5607055. We will instantly send you a job. To apply to these jobs just forward the job SMS you receive to 5607055, and your application will be submitted. That’s how simple it is.

Go ahead, now you can get matching jobs whenever you want, even without the internet. You don’t have to bother to enter detailed criteria when searching for jobs on SMS. Just type JOB. That’s it.

To learn all about mobile services, click on the links below.

Naukri Mobile Solutions – An Introduction on Mobile

Naukri Mobile Application

SMS Apply


Visit Naukri Mobile Home

1. To get good jobs that match your profile please ensure that your profile is atleast 80% complete and you have mentioned your correct salary, experience and appropriately mentioned your areas of expertise and specialization in the keyskills/keywords section.

2. To use these services your mobile number has to be verified by you on your registered Naukri account. Verify it now.

3. These services are free from, however, your network operator may apply standard VAS rates (approx Rs 3 per SMS). These services are available across all operators, except for MTNL Delhi customers. The SMS services willbe available to MTNL Delhi customers soon.

30 Jul

naukri team

Your boss probably thinks you are already overpaid. How do you know s/he isn’t wrong? That’s why, Naukri PayCheck.

One of the reasons we change jobs, move cities, or get a higher education is to earn a higher salary. Sometimes making such changes requires a leap of faith and involves trade-offs that are not easy, and we ask, “Is it worth making this change?” – and we seek that answer in the size of our paycheck . Even those of us who are not making any change ask, “Am I being paid right? What can I do to earn more?”

To figure that out we see what people doing similar jobs are earning. However, often it is difficult to find enough number of people doing similar jobs to correctly compare our salary with. Then how do you know what your chances are of earning more elsewhere?

These questions are age-old, but with Naukri PayCheck, the answers may have never been better. Naukri PayCheck, based on self-reported, consistent and comprehensive salary information across multiple functional areas, experience levels, industries and cities, provides an exhaustive solution to your salary queries.

With Naukri PayCheck, you can find out what people with a profile exactly as yours are earning. You can determine how your salary can change with time, or if you move cities, or if you decide to switch industries, or if you upgrade your education. You can establish how much to ask while negotiating a salary offer during an interview or during appraisals. You can benchmark your salary against people you consider your competition, your peers, and even the person reading this blog right opposite your desk. You can read brief profiles of people earning more or less than you, and see the top cities, industries and companies that reportedly pay the highest salaries for your profile. Last but not the least, you can directly look at job vacancies for profiles that pay the most.

Thus, Naukri PayCheck tries to address all the questions that might pop in your mind while mulling over the your salary.

Now, for all the information that can be gleaned out of this tool, it might take some users a bit of time to figure it all out. So, we suggest you play around with the tool – click on links and dropdowns, add curves, check out the numbers, read the FAQ – basically warm up to the tool, and within a few minutes you should be an expert at it.

Bear in mind that Naukri PayCheck helps you understand how much you could earn, not necessarily how much you should earn. We get compensated according to the qualifications we have earned, the role we are in, the city we live in, the experience we have gained. But what we get paid also depends on our achievements, how well we interviewed, the college we graduated from, and also, a fair bit of luck. Finally, the size of our paycheck also depends on the choices we make – going for that MBA, or switching industries mid-career, etc. It is the sum total of the quantifiable, the unquantifiable, and the choices we make that decides what we earn. Naukri PayCheck, which talks only about the quantifiable, measureable parameters, will tell you what you could earn. It will tell you the possibilities you can explore, should you want to explore them.

We hope Naukri PayCheck aids you well in your decisions regarding your career moves. If it does, let us know. If it doesn’t, let us know how it can.

Click on the image below to get a snapshot of Naukri PayCheck.